Discover What’s REALLY Inside You In The Ultimate Test Of Physical and Mental Endurance
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Hi, it’s Coach Mark Divine, CEO of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind,
I would like to invite you to do a crucible. 

The start of a new year makes or breaks individuals. From unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions to broken promises to themselves, very few people in our society are able to accomplish their biggest goals anymore. At SEALFIT, we take a different approach.

We believe challenge is the only path to growth. There is a spark flickering inside of you – All you need to do is turn it into a flame. By attending our famous SEALFIT Crucibles, you will take on the biggest physical and mental challenge you have ever faced. When you finish, that little spark will turn into a raging fire. You’ll feel invincible moving into 2023, and your brain and body will be ready to conquer your goals moving forward.

A SEALFIT Crucible marks the beginning of your transformative journey
What is a SEALFIT Crucible?
SEALFIT Crucibles are premium, in-person, transformative events. We bring together a small group of determined people who are sick of not being challenged and we give them the challenge of a lifetime. 

Born out of NAVY SEAL training philosophy, Mark Divine and a group of military experts lead Crucible members through a 6, 12, 24, or 50-hour boot camp in the ultimate test of physical and mental willpower. 

Finish the Crucible and you’ll come out a completely different person – for the better.
Pays To Be a Winner
When you finish a Crucible, the lessons learned will ripple out over all aspects of your life. You will become a better parent in the home. You will become a more refined professional in your work. You’ll become fitter, stronger, and healthier in the process. And most importantly, your mind will be seasoned for any difficult work that lies ahead.

Our members go through this challenge because they want to be better.

Crucible finishers are a different breed. They are not common. They don’t play by the rules, and they certainly don’t let failure be the end of the story. In the Crucible graduating classes, you’ll find future NAVY SEALs, veterans, elite entrepreneurs, kick-ass parents, serious fitness junkies, and everyday civilians looking for the challenge of a lifetime.

If you want to accomplish 20X more than you ever thought possible, conquer your inner demons, and embrace the suck with us, SEALFIT Crucibles are perfect for you.
The 20X Crucibles
A physical “crucible” individual and team challenge that will prove you are 20 times more capable than you think you are.

Experience a permanent shift in your perspective and way of life by taking part in the 6, 12 or 24-Hour Crucible where our elite SEALFIT coaches – including active and retired Navy SEALs – will push you beyond your perceived limits.

This event is not for everyone.

Our Navy SEAL and Special Operations coaches will push your physical limits, build on your strengths and uncover your weaknesses.

This is not a mindless physical “beatdown.” Our SEALFIT coaches will use their years of Special Operations Forces training and experience to give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacle, eradicate fear and tame your mind.

This Crucible is only for those who are ready to take on intense physical challenges and are ready for real change.

The 6, 12 or 24-Hour Crucibles are difficult by design yet they are attainable for any motivated, physically healthy person.
The KOKORO Crucible
KOKORO is the ultimate crucible experience.

KOKORO™ is considered the most powerful and challenging physical, mental and emotional training available to civilians in the world. Modeled after the U.S. Navy SEAL’s famous Hell Week and integrated with Mark Divine’s world-renowned Unbeatable Mind™ training, KOKORO is the premier training event for forging mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and elite team skills.

After you experience KOKORO, you will have a deep understanding of this truth…

There is life before, and then there is life after KOKORO.

During this one-of-a-kind crucible experience, our elite KOKORO coaches – including active and retired Navy SEALs – will train you to overcome any obstacle, tame your mind, and completely eradicate fear.

Building on what you learn and experience from other 20X crucible events, KOKORO is a major milestone in your journey to evolve to your fullest potential as a human being, and to maximize performance – all in, all the time!

What You Can Expect To Get From SEALFIT Crucibles
Watch These Videos Now For A Glimpse Into The World Of The SEALFIT Crucible LIVE Events: 
Awaken The Warrior Within
Our society has forgotten the purpose of hard work. Working hard is supposed to feel good. It shouldn’t be avoided, and those who can work hard, reap all the rewards in life. Learning to embrace grueling, hard work will make you a better parent, friend, leader, provider, and professional. Get these tools at our SEALFIT Crucible and Kokoro events in 2023. 
Most Difficult, Most Rewarding
No matter what you have to go through in life, from family problems to personal anxiety to getting fired from a job, you need to prepare. The SEALs understand preparation at its core, and this is the same mindset we give you at our SEALFIT Crucible events. 
Accomplish More In 2023
Only in the darkest moments of SEALFIT Crucible events do you find your truest self. In the silence, you can connect with your deeper sense of why and ignite that real purpose inside. This isn’t wishy-washy stuff – it’s the cold, hard reality of challenging yourself and becoming the best version of YOU. 
Go Beyond Ordinary
Instead of setting another meaningless resolution this new year, set yourself up for real success by attending a SEALFIT Crucible. Find a deeper why, challenge yourself more than ever before, and come face-to-face with whatever you’ve been avoiding:
Who WIll You Be In 2023?
Challenge Gives Meaning To Your 2023 Goals. Through a difficult challenge like a SEALFIT Crucible event, you will rewire your brain to crave hard work and appreciate the deepest, darkest moments of accomplishing what you desire. You will feel the raw energy of facing your fears, and you’ll be reborn by the end. 
Graduates Speak
"You’ve created an amazing life experience and I’m honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to live it. I draw on the experience every day in so many aspects of my life —in my thinking and reflection, relationships, training, teaching and coaching, pro-action/action/reaction, business, etc. While I’ve completed some relatively sizable endurance events in the past…none of those experiences comes even close the holistic takeaway from Kokoro Camp. Not even close."
"I was one of the Spring 2014 classmates for the SEALFIT 20X challenge. I just wanted to thank you for this great opportunity. There isn’t a price that could be made to account for all SEALFIT taught me. I can honestly say I feel like I can capture the world and become anything I put my mind to. I am truly blessed to be in control of my entire mind."
"Four weeks ago a friend asked if I wanted a number to run in the Boston marathon. I hadn’t been training for a marathon but I was up for it. And in order to raise money for his charity I offered to do 10 push-ups at each of the race’s 42 kilometer points. Long story short I finished and did 450 push-ups. Took me 6:20 but I did it. People asked me what made me think I could do it and I said 20x. Plain and simple. So thanks."
"I am not the same person after Kokoro. The experiences I had during Kokoro 29 have completely and permanently changed me in very powerful ways – for the better. I am not the same person I once was and I’m proud to say I have been forged into a stronger man. Hooyah!"-LOREN L.
"Preparing for and completing Kokoro camp was the best thing to ever happen to me. I was able to learn more about myself this summer than some people may ever learn about themselves in a lifetime. It has not only made me a better leader for my teammates, but a better leader of my own life. I find myself making better and more and confident decisions. I’m not as easily flustered as I was before. Each day of my life I use something I learned at Kokoro to my advantage. My coach has told that I “no longer run from challenges, but rather run straight at them. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of doing Kokoro to just go for it. It will change your life and teach you things about yourself that you may not be able to imagine. I now crave life’s challenges and look to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Like I tell everyone who has asked me about Kokoro: If I can make it through, so can you."
During your one-of-a-kind crucible experience, our elite SEALFIT coaches – including active and retired Navy SEALs – will train you to overcome any obstacle, tame your mind, and completely eradicate fear.
Coach Mark Divine
Founder Mark Divine was a competitive athlete, martial artist and led elite teams during a 20-year career as a Navy SEAL officer. He created the model for SEALFIT to supercharge his own training, then began teaching it to SEAL candidates, who then succeeded at an unprecedented rate at Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUDS) training as a result of the innovative methods. 

These SEALFIT Crucible events are a key part of that training and now you are invited to be coached my Mark and his cadre of coaches at a live event in California.
Coach Richard Thompson
Richard has been a U.S. Navy SEAL, coach of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, and worked on a Personal Security Detail for one of the wealthiest families in the world. As a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach he has had the opportunity to coach individuals all over the world. As a SEALFIT Coach and Event Lead, he has had the pleasure of transforming individuals and teams through our World-Renowned SEALFIT and Sheepdog Crucible Events. He also coaches Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress as part of our Courage Foundation non-profit arm.
Coach Rob Ord
After leaving the Navy, having spent time among elite warriors within Naval Special Warfare and Special
Operations communities, Rob found his calling in coaching and mentoring. First as a Mentor to candidates entering the training pipeline that leads to becoming a Navy SEAL, and then later as a specialist in
Human Performance.

Rob Ord will lead your event and you will experience his vast knowledge and understanding of how to take your mental and physical endurance to new heights.
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20XS Crucible

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Tough - Easiest to train for and good for the younger and older.
6-Hour Crucible
April 29th, 2023
July 29th, 2023
September 23rd, 2023

20X Crucible

Normally $699
Just $559
SAVE 20% Until 1/5/23
Hard - Attainable for the motivated and determined athlete.
12-Hour Crucible
April 29th, 2023
July 29th, 2023
September 23rd, 2023

20XL Crucible

Normally $1799
Just $1439
SAVE 20% Until 1/5/23
Difficult- Physically and mentally strenuous.

24-Hour Crucible
April 29-30th, 2023
July 29-30th, 2023
September 23-24th, 2023

Submit some info about yourself here and we'll get back to you with information about how you can commit to KOKORO and attempt to conquer the hardest civilian training in the world.
Great News! SEALFIT is automatically donating a portion of your Crucible Registration to the Courage Foundation to help Veterans suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).


What is included in the price of the event?
You will be provided with hydration, food and kickass training during your event. Upon completion you’ll receive:

A certificate of completion (PDF)
SEALFIT Challenge Coin
Event Patch

You can not buy these items.
Where are SEALFIT Crucible Events held?
Events are held at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA. Information on travel logistics will be sent to you once you register for your event. 
Location subject to change in the greater San Diego area.
What physical standards are required to attend?
There are specific physical standards required to attend the KOKORO or 20XL Crucible. If you fail to meet the minimums for the PST and Murph, you will be considered a performance drop. There will be no exceptions due to safety concerns. 20X Crucible events have recommended physical standards but failing to meet them will not result in a performance drop.
Who will be coaching at my event?
Retired and Reserve Navy SEALs, members of the military and Special Operations community and select number of SEALFIT certified coaches.
What if I become injured or cannot make it to the event I have registered for?
You can transfer your registration to another event. Unexpected things come up in life. We understand that so we try our best to accommodate date and/or time transfers, whenever possible. You can reschedule your event up to 48 hours prior by paying a fee.
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