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August 25-26, 2018 in San Diego, CA
World Class Hand-to-Hand Combat Training
Be Prepared With the Knowledge That Can Save Your Life.
This effective training is derived from the original course taught for years to US Navy SEALs for use in hand-to-hand combat situations. These concepts have been distilled over decades by master instructors and are now available to you over a 2 day seminar that will include:
 • Debilitating injury through blunt force 
   trauma (striking)
 • Knife, Baton, Firearms
 • Multi-Man Work
 • Grabs, Holds and Chokes
Join Us in San Diego on August 25-26, 2018
What Will You Do When Confronted with Violence?
Brought to You By SEALFIT and Injury Dynamics
Injury Dynamics™ was founded by the partners of SEALFIT who have been providing hand-to-hand combat seminars to SEALFIT students for over 5 years.
People just like you have successfully used their experience from this course to take control of violent situations — and walk away as the winner.
Injury Dynamics™ teaches the use of violence as a survival tool: how the human machine breaks, how to do that work with your bare hands, how to take advantage of the results. We cover striking, joint breaking, throwing, knife, baton, firearms, multi-man work, as well as grabs, holds and chokes. 

Two full days of hands-on mat work as well as in-depth lectures on decision-making in violence (when to pull the trigger and when not to) and how the law views violence. Learn more about what they offer at
Join Mark Divine and the Master Instructors of Injury Dynamics™ in San Diego this August for 2 Full Days of Mat Work and Lectures.
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