Become the Guardian: My One Event for Saving the Ones You Love from Trauma, Disaster, & Human Predators

Start to Master the Skills of Threat Awareness, Conflict De-Escalation, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Urgent Medical Treatment, Firearm Conflict, And More... 
What about an emergency with armed criminals?

Most likely, you’re pretty good about keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way, right? You avoid the bad areas of town, walk in well-lit streets, and educate your kids about who they can trust. But what if things went wrong anyway? (Like they often do. Look at the local news if you dare.)

Imagine if you did everything right, yet you still found yourself in a life-or-death situation… One where it looked like not everyone in your family would survive…

Could you really handle it? The answer is NO. 

And as much as it pains me to say it, my own answer isn’t that reassuring either: I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I am trained in how to protect my family from violence (gun, knife, & bare hands), severe injury, heat-exhaustion, and even an act of nature like a hurricane.

I can rest assured that if the worst case becomes reality, I know how to tend wounds, find shelter, stop rapid bloodloss, and even handle multiple assailants with weapons.

Now if I’m a trained Navy SEAL Commander and still am regularly receiving training like this… 

What should YOU be doing? 

Most individuals do next to nothing. They do the same basic preparations that every citizen does. And these preparations work when everything goes as it’s supposed to.

But when the shit hits the fan, all that common-sense goes out the window. 
Most people are useless in emergencies. They’re scared… their heart is pumping at 190 beats per minute… they are literally unable to think logically… so they make very poor decisions. 

And that’s if they’re lucky… because most people can’t even move when danger hits. People talk about the “fight or flight” response, but for most people, it’s neither. It’s a FREEZE. Even some cops, firefighters, and military professionals end up becoming a deer in the headlights, unable to move.

I once read a sad story about a man whose home was invaded by a rapist. While he lay frozen in bed, the rapist took advantage of his girlfriend. The media played it off as an example of cowardice, but the truth is far darker… Paralytic Freeze can happen to any one of use… due to our simple outdated evolutionary biology. 

Some part of our Caveman brain still believes it’s better to “play dead” than attack an invader who’s threatening our loved ones. And guess what… If you don’t think this can happen to you, it’s more likely to happen to you.

That’s why when I train my closest clients and friends, I spend so much time on teaching you how not to freeze in an emergency. Because this is the baseline of being able to survive and protect the ones you love.  
Want to see, for real, how prepared you are? Imagine this scenario:

You’re having a date night out with your lover. Let’s say you’re at a bar, diner, or restaurant. Whatever fits what you might do. Suppose a few tables away, you see two unsettling men leering your way. They order another beer, then look your way a little more. At some point, the two of them travel to the table right next to you. They order another beer. One of the men stares directly into your eye, while the other one looks up and down at your lover, licking his lips. 

Do You?


Smile & Make friendly

Call out what
They’re doing

Ok… now consider this.

If you chose (A) what happens if they follow? 

If you chose (B), what happens if they smile back and join your table, sitting close to your lover?

If you chose (C), what happens if one of them angrily walks up to you and gruffly barks, “Stand up. Now.”

Every Step You Take Brings Danger Closer if You Don’t Know This

Most of the time, there are several levels to preventing harm from coming to your family. There’s simple common-sense preparation, which you are probably doing already.

Then there’s Situational Awareness, where you can feel trouble brewing and can remove yourself from the situation. This includes creating that “spidey-sense” where your intuition shows you clues that are invisible, often even to seasoned professionals. 

If you find yourself in a verbal confrontation, there’s De-Escalation, so you can calm egos, soothe anger, and bring things back to safety. But that does not always work. Because a Predator does not care about egos, or even his own emotion. 

He wants to hurt, and your petty attempts to make him feel good about himself are just foreplay before he starts hurting your loved ones right in front of you. (And he’s already planned for what to do if you try to fight him off them). You have one solution and only one solution.

How to Become the “Sheepdog” Your Family Can Always Depend On

The modern adult usually tries to meet their responsibilities. Put food on the table, raise your kids well, make your family feel loved. 

The problem is that the average “modern adult” is prey to dark individuals, and can be completely caught off guard by physical attack. That’s even before you consider predator-free events like life-threatening storms or outages, automobile accidents, and sudden illness or injury. The Sheepdog protects their family in spite of all this.

In rural pastures, farmers need to protect their livestock. The sheep are always vulnerable to the hunger of savage wolves. These are beasts who will go after the slowest, weakest, or youngest sheep, even infants. 

And the rest of the sheep can do nothing but run. But when the farmer has a Sheepdog, everything changes.

The Sheepdog is loving and kind. It will lick a child’s face and forgive that child for stepping on its tail. It plays with the sheep like they’re the same breed.

But when a wolf shows up, the Sheepdog reveals its true level of power: Lethal, Dangerous, and Unfuckwithable. 

Most of the time, the Sheepdog doesn’t need to fight. It just bears its teeth and the wolf runs away. Even a pack of wolves will not want to mess with the Sheepdog. 

And if push comes to shove… the Sheepdog will fight and win.

The Only Event You Can Get My Sheepdog Training for Under $20,000

This type of readiness is so important that I practically require my top clients to learn this training.My elite Unbeatable Team group pays $20,000 a year for several live events. Until now, they’ve been the only ones to get access to this training. 

Why is that? 

Honestly, this training is not my favorite thing to teach. It puts me in a bit of a dark place to focus on this stuff intensely. I also need to keep the groups small so I can make sure every single member learns these important skills. And I need the group committed. This is not a recreational “feel like a tough-guy” event. This is serious work, and I need to know that you’re all in if you show up. 

But at some point… it just cut me. “Others need to learn this too.”

I just couldn’t sit with the idea that only people with a certain level of financial resources were getting access to this. There are people like you who are deeply invested in protecting their loved ones, but may not be able to invest $20,000 every year. So this year I’m doing something different.

On September 21-23, I am allowing non-members of Unbeatable Team to join Sheepdog Training for the very first time. This means that you can sign up today… and get access to the full Sheepdog Training that others have had to pay $20,000 a year to even get invited to.

The Heroic, Truly Lifesaving Skills You Get
During the Sheepdog Training Quest

5 Signs

The 5 signs that an otherwise safe, family-friendly venue is about to get dangerous.

The Breathing Secret

The Breathing Secret for staying completely calm when anyone else would be shaking in horror (This is far beyond Box Breathing and not covered in any of my other programs).

How to Summon Courage

How to Summon Courage from the Clouds…unleashing a burst of strength & inner power that will let you accomplish incredible feats for the next 60 minutes.

Projecting Confidence

The secret to Projecting Confidence that tells thugs, predators, and bullies to avoid you and anyone close to you.

The Knowing Look

The “knowing look” that you can flash at a would-be assailant to let them know you are not an easy target. (Do this WRONG and it looks like you’re inviting a challenge. We’ll explain the difference.)

How to End an Unarmed Fight

The quickest way to end an unarmed fight if a bigger man takes a swing at you.

What To Do if Someone is High

What to do if someone is high on cocaine, PCP, or worse, and cannot be reasoned with.

Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment to know if you’re dealing with a loudmouth, a violent thug, or an ice-blooded killer who has no preference for whether he lives, goes to prison, or dies tonight.

When and How to Speak

When to speak kindly to an adversary and when to speak firmly (If you choose the wrong one, you are almost inviting further conflict.)

Simple Hand-to-Hand

Simple Hand-to-Hand Combat that will make a lethal thug incapable of trying to harm you again.

Easy Fighting Moves

The easiest Fighting Moves you can practice on your own to always stay ready for a confrontation.

Pre-Emptive Attacks

The times you need to hit first… or risk being fully incapacitated. (Some situations require a pre-emptive attack for your family’s safety).

What to Do When Outnumbered

What to do if you are outnumbered by assailants and there is no possible way you can fend them off. 

3 Hints to Mass Shootings

3 hints that a Mass Shooting might be about to take place (and when a “hunch” means you need to alert the authorities).

What to Do in A Mass Shooting

What to do if a Mass Shooting has begun, the doors are barricaded, and escape looks impossible.

Firearm Training

Firearm Training that’s specifically designed for the most common attack situations.

Hostage Simulations

Hostage Simulations for the unnerving moment that someone you love is being held in the arms of an assailant with a gun to their head. 

Target Shooting Tactics

Target Shooting Tactics to raise your marksmanship to decent levels as fast as possible. (You don’t have enough time to spend every day on the shooting range, so this is critical). 

Handling Home Invasions

How to handle a Home Invasion where the intruders’ intention is not clear - and you have no idea if a planned robbery, rape, or murder is about to unfold.

When to Let Loose

When to completely let loose and attack like a wild, savage animal. (It’s rare, but there is a time where this can save your life.)

Tactical Medicine

The best Tactical Medicine for patching yourself or someone else you care about. (You may need to escape an ongoing threat, so you’ll need to learn how to do this fast.)

Quick Injury Assessment

Quick Injury Assessment to know if someone can be moved, needs a life-saving procedure immediately, or has to simply be watched over until help can arrive.

Stop Intense Bleeding

How to stop intense bleeding from an artery… in the 30 seconds you have before the person passes out and dies.

What To Do in Extreme Conditions

What to do if you live in an area with extreme heat or cold and all power goes out. (No backup generators. No government assistance. You are on your own).


And so many more Scenario Based Trainings that will prepare you for just about anything.

The Courageous Accounts of Those who 
Stepped Up & Became “Sheepdogs” for Life

“I really loved the progressive nature of each of the training areas (firearms, H@H, Trauma Medical) and the culmination in the final “exam” where we had to put it all together in a high-stress environment. So cool that it all flowed. That’s a testament to phenomenal coaching.”
“Safety was paramount and well executed. The instructors were truly world-class and willingly gave tips that greatly improved how we all performed. Even small changes in things like grip made a huge difference. I’ve had a lot of fun and success since the event practicing these subtle yet effective improvements.”
“Safety was paramount and well executed. The instructors were truly world-class and willingly gave tips that greatly improved how we all performed. Even small changes in things like grip made a huge difference. I’ve had a lot of fun and success since the event practicing these subtle yet effective improvements.”
“This training was the most practical and focused I think I ever received. By focusing on 3 distances and a single technique for each, we were able to get to a whole new level of effectiveness. “Don’t be afraid of the person who knows a thousand techniques, be afraid of the person who practiced a single technique a thousand times.” These instructors were a great team, and the best of professional instructors. In addition, I learned even more about myself, the progress I’ve made over the years, and what I need to work on next. In spite of my obvious and repeated failures during the training, I made a lot of progress in reframing that into major success since then.”
“I walked away with confidence with what was taught to us because of these scenarios. The skills were taught to us so they became second nature. The scenarios were perfect to put me in a situation to react, not to think. The length of the scenarios were great. The final scenario left everyone on a high.. I can compare it to the feeling of completing Kokoro.. everyone was on a different level after completing the final evolution.”
“Just want to let you know that the sheepdog training was phenomenal. The amount of progress I made on all fronts was nothing short of extra ordinary. So much happened this event… I just want you know that Scott and the team did amazing. They created a super safe space and triggered exponential learning.”
“The Sheepdog event was amazing. What made it so special was the quality of coaching staff. Another accelerated growth experience for us all! I hope there will be more of these events in the future.
Hooyah! “

Your Special Price is Far Below $20,000,
But Still Considerably High

For this event, I am asking for an investment of $7,500

Yep, I’m cutting right to it. No adding up of costs “you’ll save” in hospital bills (or worse) from coming to this program. Because I believe if Sheepdog training is for you, you know already.

You know that you deeply care about protecting your family. You know that you are not ready to handle these horrific situations because almost no one is. And you know that being able to confidently prevent a tragedy is worth all the money under the sun. Because this training can save the life of someone you love, it is by definition priceless.

But we do have to live in the economic world, so there is a cost. It’s $5,000 to have the top instructors I can find available to train you.

To get a member from Seal Team Six in the room with you is almost unheard of. To get one training you with personalized attention is beyond what most people can dream of getting at any price.

Here are your options:

You can pay $7,500 up front.
OR you can make two payments of $3,799.
OR you can make three payments of $2,599.
This is as affordable as I can make it, while still properly covering costs, compensating my staff, and not making my $20,000-paying Unbeatable Team ragingly jealous that you’re getting this event a la carte, at such a low price.

Here’s an example of what a day’s
assignment might look like: 

Up Front
2 Payments Of
3 Payments Of
If You Value the Safety of Your Family
This is Your Best Choice
We never know when disaster might strike, but we can be ready. And we are made ready by the choices we make ahead of time. These choices include our level of physical fitness, our decisions of what situations we put ourselves in… and our training for dealing with sudden terror.

If you can afford to attend this program, then I absolutely urge you to come. It is the single quickest way you can begin building the skillsets to be a true protector of yourself, your family, and your whole community. I love when pastors and other religious leaders come to Sheepdog, because they are the perfect example of those committed to protecting their “flock.” I also love when Boy Scout Leaders, community organizers, and schoolteachers attend. But it’s just as important when a father of three attends, or even a single person that wants to be prepared for when they have a family to protect.

You can never learn these skills too soon but you can learn them too late. Don’t learn this too late. I beg you.

Choose your plan below and I’ll see you in NE County San Diego, CA.
Up Front
2 Payments Of
3 Payments Of

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard fitness requirements?

There are no standard fitness requirements. This is not a crucible experience, but rather a highly focused training.

Is firearms experience required?

No, but please tell us about your level of firearms experience prior to the event so we can place you with the right instructors.

Can I bring my own gun?

Yes. If you do so, you’ll need to bring your own ammo as well.

When and Where is this happening?

March 1-3rd, 2024
May 31 - June 2, 2024
September 6-8th, 2024
All held in Cameron, TX

Where should I stay?

Lodging isn't included in the price of the event. We will send you options for local hotels near the event where you can book your own room.

Are meals included?


What if I become injured or cannot attend the event on the day I have registered?

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on any events. You can reschedule your event up to 48 hours prior by paying a fee. See our terms and conditions for more information and fees.
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