The Ultimate Training To Protect Yourself And Others
2022 Schedule
September 12-14 in San Diego CA
Sheepdog Training Event
Sheepdog is the premier event to teach you how to take charge and defend yourself and those around you from random or planned acts of violence, natural disasters, accidents and more.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to be trained by and have direct access to our highly specialized team of SEALFIT coaches, Navy SEALs, elite law enforcement, medical and self-defense experts.
A Sheepdog must be present and commit to a persistent state of elevated awareness – which is essential for protecting self and others from random or planned acts of violence.
Attendees will dramatically improve their reflexes and awareness while gaining massive confidence through hands-on, combat-tested training… resulting in elite Sheepdog skills for the real world.
While this is not physical training, it will require intense focus as we’ll train in firearms (pistol and rifle), tactical medicine, vehicle combat techniques, navigation and hand to hand combatives.
Plan to walk away with elite self-defense and survival tools that you will be able to execute instantly, if needed.
The Most Important 10 Minutes Of Your Life
Did you know the average response time of law enforcement to critical events is over 10 minutes in most cities? 

During a crisis, 10 minutes is an eternity!

Your entire life and the lives of the people you care about can be forever changed in 10 minutes. 

In our modern world, the threat of a crisis is always with us. Because they lack the proper training to protect themselves and others, most people stick their heads in the sand and try to ignore the reality of this threat. 

The Sheepdog is a new breed of warrior who has the essential training and skills to respond instantly during a crisis to protect themselves and others. 

More than anyone else, Sheepdogs have the power to change the course of events for everyone during that critical 10 minutes when they are the only warrior on the scene. 

Check out this video with Greg Amundson (former DEA and SWAT), talking about how desperately we need highly trained Sheepdogs to make the world a safer place for all of us. 
2022 Schedule
September 12-14 in San Diego CA

"I really loved the progressive nature of each of the training areas (firearms, H@H, Trauma Medical) and the culmination in the final "exam" where we had to put it all together in a high-stress environment. So cool that it all flowed. That's a testament to phenomenal coaching."

"Safety was paramount and well executed.  The instructors were truly world-class and willingly gave tips that greatly improved how we all performed.  Even small changes in things like grip made a huge difference.  I've had a lot of fun and success since the weekend practicing these subtle yet effective improvements."

"This training was the most practical and focused I think I ever received. By focusing on 3 distances and a single technique for each, we were able to get to a whole new level of effectiveness. "Don't be afraid of the person who knows a thousand techniques, be afraid of the person who practiced a single technique a thousand times." These instructors were a great team, and the best of professional instructors.    In addition, I learned even more about myself, the progress I've made over the years, and what I need to work on next. In spite of my obvious and repeated failures during the training, I made a lot of progress in reframing that into major success since then."

"I walked away with confidence with what was taught to us because of these scenarios.  The skills were taught to us so they became second nature. The scenarios were perfect to put me in a situation to react, not to think.     The length of the scenarios were great. The final scenario left everyone on a high.. I can compare it to the feeling of completing Kokoro.. everyone was on a different level after completing the final evolution."

"Just want to let you know that the sheepdog training was phenomenal.   The amount of progress I made on all fronts was nothing short of extra ordinary.  So much happened this weekend... I just want you know that Scott and the team did amazing.  They created a super safe space and triggered exponential learning."

"The Sheepdog event was amazing. What made it so special was the quality of coaching staff.  Another accelerated growth  experience for us all! I hope there will be more of these events in the future.
Hooyah! "
 What are the standard fitness requirements?
There are no standard fitness requirements. This is not a crucible experience, but rather a highly focused training. 
 Is firearms experience required?
No, but please tell us about your level of firearms experience prior to the event so we can place you with the right instructors.
 Can I bring my own gun?
Yes. If you do so, you’ll need to bring your own ammo as well.
 When and Where is this happening?
2022 Schedule
September 12-14 in San Diego CA
 Where will I stay?
We will give you an option for local hotels.
 Are meals included?
 What if I become injured or cannot attend the event on the day I have registered?
There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on any events. You can reschedule your event up to 48 hours prior by paying a fee. See our terms and conditions for more information and fees.
2022 Schedule
September 12-14 in San Diego CA